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Five Times The Fun in Philadelphia

Nothing marks the end of summer like the annual rite of passage held in Fort Washington PA – the Greater Philadelphia Runner’s Pentathlon.  I believe this is the fourth annual running of this event, third time I have been involved. … Continue reading

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Graduation and Post-Grad Work

Well, I officially graduated from therapy several weeks ago, and am working on the fresh start.  As I had planned on doing, I stuck with Rich Harris and am now an official (workout) card-carrying member of Elite Athletic Performance.  I … Continue reading

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The Final Straw

So much to discuss, so little time… First things first – 4:29.12 on Saturday up at Cornell, second place.  Went in thinking maybe I could run in the 4:25-4:26 range, circumstances (and a recurring uncooperative hamstring) left me just grinding … Continue reading

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Redemption is Sweet in Chocolatetown USA

Hoping to demonstrate range not seen since Ozzie Smith and Reggie Miller retired, I woke up this morning attempting the extremely rare 1 mile/13.1 mile weekend double.  The effort got off to a dubious start with yesterday’s mile debacle, so … Continue reading

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How Nick Berra Got His Groove Back Like Alan Webb

Learned a little bit about Google searching today.  In an attempt to reach a larger range of readers than just my relatives, it says to include imbedded key words, tags, and other techno-tricks to increase visibility.  I figure I had … Continue reading

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“I love it when a plan comes together” – Hannibal Smith

Gotta love the “do-over”.  The more I though about today’s opportunity to vindicate myself, the more I was looking forward to it.  I became convinced that the events on Monday morning could not be an accurate reflection of my current … Continue reading

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We Have a Hung Jury…

Judgement morning has come and gone, I can’t say that the results were exactly what I was hoping to see.  For starters, the leg performed admirably – never felt any serious tightness or discomfort, so that was a good thing.  … Continue reading

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